‘The Dimming of Awareness’ represents the state of mind easily fallen into when performing daily, habitual actions. The destructive power of repetitious actions is given gravitas through the passage of time, as a cycle of intensity is created. My work aims to bring people to the realisation that repetitious occurrences need breaking to avoid them potentially leading to destructive outcomes.


  My work uses natural elements such as water, ice and fire, as well as abrasive surfaces which impact on and erode solid masses such as plaster and rock when applied repetitively over time. Here repetition leads to a destructive conclusion.


  The audience have a part to play in the work; they are invited to perform actions, such as turning a wheel, to initiate the repetitive build up. This will lead to a destructive outcome. The implications of their action are hidden; the only proof of their involvement is something simple, like a sound. Their interaction necessitates destruction, by a physical and cognitive force, which then creates the realisation in the audience that they were the cause.

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